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South's triumphant Boys' U10s after a great day's hockey
South's triumphant Boys' U10s after a great day's hockey

After the Girls’ U10s finished runners-up in their debut tournament two weeks’ ago, this Sunday was the turn of our new Boys’ U10 side at their ‘In2 Hockey’ county championship at the Cambridge University Sports Ground.

Our first match was against Saffron Walden. This was a tough match and we narrowly lost when Saffron Walden took an opportunity from our sixteen yard hit out and scored the only goal of the match. All the young players were a little frustrated with how well we had played but had been unable to come back with a win or at least a draw. Our goalkeeper made good saves throughout the game.
Cambridge South 0-1 Saffron Walden

We had a twenty minute break. Our next match was with City ‘Yellow’ and we played excellent hockey with good passing and excellent high defending. The ball hardly reached our keeper. We also scored from our penalty corners, which was encouraging to see. Thomas scored a deflection goal and he could become a poacher for CSHC in the coming years.
Cambridge South 4-0 Cambridge City ‘Yellow’

We now had City ‘Red’. Al and James defended high to stop City from coming into our D. We scored from two penalty corners and went two-nil up. The Reds scored in the thirteenth minute but our defenders held out for the last two minutes for a good win. Euan saved a rocket shot from the Reds’ attacker with his left hand and the crowd roared in excitement!
Cambridge South 2-1 Cambridge City ‘Red’

We then had a two game break and went into the warmth of the club house. The boys had a new strategy: ‘unleash goals in the next matches’. Our next game was against Newmarket. This was a comfortable win with goals from almost every midfielder and striker. Miles and Seb were in their D. The confidence of each player was high.
Cambridge South 5-0 Newmarket

We now had City ‘Black’. They were doing quite well too. We won this with a goal from Lyndon. Their attacks were coming but Seb’s marking on the left and Angus’s marking on the right side stopped their free-flowing hockey. The final whistle went and we had a mission on our hands: win the next game and qualify for the regional tournament!
Cambridge South 1-0 Cambridge City ‘Black’

St Ives were not doing well in their matches, but they stepped up. Their keeper had a phenomenal game where he saved six or seven shots on goal. Our goal was scored by Lyndon in the seventh minute. Henry was having a good game on the right side and William was playing high in the D to create more scoring and deflection opportunities. Miles was giving his 110% percent and pulled a muscle; we had to sub him off unfortunately. In the dying moments of the match we thought Angus had scored but the final whistle had already gone. A win for South in the end. Whoop Whoop!
Cambridge South 1-0 St Ives

With five wins from their six games the team finished as runners-up to Saffron Walden, matching the achievements of the Girls’ U10 side, who we will join at the East of England regional tournament in late April, where the warm spring sunshine awaits us!

What a wonderful afternoon of hockey! Thanks to Kendra, for umpiring and organising the teams. Thank you to the parents for giving up their afternoon, where rain, breeze, sunshine and hockey entertained them!

Key points:
1. Players learnt about the value of playing in their positions.
2. We understand – ball runs faster than our feet.
3. Together we attack and together we defend – together we win!