Landing the Last League Game

Aoife Screaton

The L3s arrived for an early morning start in Bury St Edmands, with a 10am pushback. We started with a strong defence, but their determination deprived us of a goal for the first few minutes. But after passing the ball up the pitch it was smacked into the goal by Tuffers. We set up, keen to score again, but the defensive strategies from Bury meant that Tuffers only succeeded in scoring one more goal in the first half, despite winning several short corners in a row.

As we were finishing our half-time sweets, the adrenaline began to kick in just in time for the second half. While our attackers began to break up the swarming orange shirts, we protected the ball to bring it all the way up the pitch and, with a few passes and speedy runs from Izzy, another goal was scored. Despite many great tackles from Meg and Nicole, our goalkeeper, Louise, made a very impressive save when left with lots of Bury players in the D. However, after great attempts at a defensive short corner we conceded a well-deserved goal by Bury. Lou did a great job at keeping the ball on the pitch and hassling their defenders in the D. We managed multiple switches across the back, successfully executed by Laurie to take the ball into space for Lauren C and Hayley to carry it through midfield for goals to be scored by Polly, Tuffers and Lauren B. Finally, as the match was coming to an end and the rain was becoming more persistent, Olivea snuck one last goal past their excellent keeper.

We had MoM votes spread over almost half of the team. With votes for Tuffers and Olivea for their excellent goal scoring, Hayley and Laurie for their persistence and Meg for her exceptional defending and clearances. But Izzy deservedly won MoM for her runs into the D and skills around players. LoM on the other hand was won by two people, Laurie and Tuffers. Tuffers for her eventful journey to the match, endangering squirrels, pheasants and young children. And Laurie for hitting the ball off the ground into Aoife’s hip. There were also votes for Lou for her slide in the D for a failed attempt on goal, and the pitch got two votes for being incredibly slow and having invisible lines.


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Izzy Echenique
Man of the Match

Dazzling speed & presence in midfield! Help create some much needed space in the second half.

Laurie McKenzie
Lemon of the Match

Lifting the ball into Aoife's hip & disastrous post-match multi-tasking.

Tuffers Davidson
Lemon of the Match

Squirrel-related trauma en route to the match... Much to Tuffers' distress, her lift buddy took a Grand Theft Auto approach to the satnav's back roads; at least 1 squirrel was harmed, 1 pheasant just escaped & most fortunately the child in at the pitch car park too…