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Welcome to Cambridge South Hockey Club

We are a friendly, lively, Cambridge-based club who run men's and ladies' league teams as well as indoor, masters and mixed sides and a growing junior section.

We offer something for everyone; whether you are experienced or new to the sport you will be very welcome at the club.

Our Men's 1sts play in Division 1N of the East Region.

Our Ladies' 1sts play in Division 1N of the East Region.

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Improve your hockey skills

  • Free coached men's and ladies' sessions
  • Junior hockey for players age 6-14
  • All levels from beginners upwards
  • Dedicated goalkeeper training
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Stay for match teas then grab a drink from the bar and watch the other South teams playing.

In fact, why not just hang out all afternoon!

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Great facilities and value for money

  • Lowest playing fees in Cambridge
  • Cheapest student rates
  • New floodlit all-weather home pitch
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Tournament Success for Mixed 'A'

South hosted a mini mixed tournament at Long Road on Saturday 18 June, with 30 minute games for the Mixed 'A' side against Bishops Stortford and Hertford. In the first match against Stortford, South put in a strong performance to finish 6-2 winners thanks to goals from Alice Wright, Mariano Rosenzvaig, Will Havelange and a ...

Sawston Men's Hockey Club - Mid-80s strip

Club Colours through the Ages

A recent out-of-the-blue contact from an old member, longtime Men's 3s and Vets stalwart Mike Gronow, has resulted in delivery of a treasure hoard of old club fixture cards dating back to the early 1980s. Sadly, as this was pre-merger the cards only relate to the old Men's Club. [N.B. For younger readers, back ...

The U10 boys are buzzing after some fantastic hockey

Two U10s teams and an U12s team compete in boys' county tournament

Cambridge South Juniors proudly presented three teams at the ‘In2 Hockey’ county championship at the Cambridge University Sports Ground on Sunday 27th March.  We put in two U10 Boys teams along with one team in the U12 Boys category.  All in all a valuable experience, some smashing hockey played, and most importantly a lot of ...

Recent Comments

Elly Bull 4 months, 1 week ago

"...The whistle blew signalling the end of a game which left us with a 2-2 draw. I’m proud of the girlies and once again the score at the end of the game doesn’t accurately depict the hard work and determination we put in. Shout out to our POM Emma for fantastic all-round play with other POM mentions going to: myself, Georgia, Claire, Lizzie, Liz and Bex. Also shout out to other human LOM mentions of Lizzie and Liz. Finally, special mention to our supporters we <3 you. After a match debrief it was onto the pub for the social and those committed to the cause continued to Vinyl, I got home at 6am, I’m sorry this is late and a shambles, read my other report, it’s better.
Onto the next season ladies, hopefully I’ll see you there!"

Elly Bull 4 months, 1 week ago

"...The second half started and our lovely umpire Jo needs to go to Specsavers as he allowed our opposition to go 1-0 up even though the ball didn’t go into our goal. This led some LOM votes to be given to “the ball that definitely didn’t go into the goal” and “the fact that we don’t have goal line technology”. If anything, this encouraged our defenders Meg, Lou and Georgia to work harder and play by the book to lessen Jo’s opportunity to make any other questionable decisions. This leads us to the most dramatic part of our game that I was unfortunately the star of. I would like to state for the record, contrary to what the little slips of paper might suggest, I am not a child abuser. I just want to clear my name, what happened was I went in for a strong tackle and the girl exclaimed that I “elbowed [her] in the back” (the umpire responded saying that I was playing hockey (which was the validation I needed) and that I did nothing wrong). I successfully got the ball, made a great pass and we got a solid opportunity to get a shot on goal. 20 seconds later however the girl started crying and the whistle blew… I am not a bad person, I asked if she was okay, I apologised (even though I did not elbow her!!!) and I got blanked and somehow the decision was overturned, she got the ball and then after getting 5 and play resumed, I tackled her and got the ball back as it was rightfully mine. I would also like to state that she was not 14! … to my knowledge. Anyway, once I tackled the opposition Lizzie and I did some beautiful back and forth passing to get the ball to Eleanor who successfully got the ball all the way past the goal line and into the goal. We had a few more opportunities on goal, I made a pass to Nicky who was presented with a 1vs1 against the keeper and Nicky hit an incredible strike which would’ve been better if it was on target. We had a few attempts down the left wing with some passing between Charlotte and Bex but unfortunately, they turned into a bit of a scramble with us all in the D wondering what else we could do to will the ball into the goal. Through sheer will power we collectively summoned the ability to get the ball to Liz who slotted it past the keeper and into the goal (note Jo that these balls went all the way over the line). Our 2-1 lead didn’t last too long as somehow Stortford got another goal past Claire...

Elly Bull 4 months, 1 week ago

Alternative version by Ceri Richardson:
"I would like to preface this match report by saying that at the end of the game I did not know what the score was, I was honestly naïve enough to think I couldn’t possibly get lemon again, but you’ll understand why I did shortly.
The L6’s were up against Bishop Stortford 8’s for a friendly and final game of the season this sunny Saturday. With a few last-minute dropouts and people not understanding what a meet time actually means we all arrived with just enough time to have a quick spelling lesson, a warmup, and a hit about before the game.
The game started and hockey was played. I believe one of the reasons I remember so little about the first half was because I was convinced I wouldn’t get lemon as I wouldn’t do anything as silly as our GK Claire who openly and honestly admitted that she purposely kicked the ball out over the back line giving our opposition a long corner… short corner?? I don’t know the rules. Luckily, Bishops Stortford didn’t make the most of their opportunity allowing Emma to continue making fantastic runs up the wing, swerving past any opposition that dared to tackle her much to the delight of our spectators cheering her on. We had a few shots in the first half, and we definitely put on the pressure but alas no attempt came to fruition.
Half time came about and Lou offered herself up as lemon admitting that she forgot the half time sweets which is the main reason we all turn up. After a pep talk from our coach Chris, we came to the collective conclusion that maybe sweets weren’t everything and if we remained focused and used the space on the pitch we were in with a chance of winning...

Jan Brynjolffssen 5 months ago

Joe is back from advising Vlad on how to run a peacekeeping operation, I see.

And no, I don't know exactly how many teams will go up from 4NW as that means reading the league's mind. The rules say two... but the league above is two teams short. Whether that actually adds up to two, three or four going up is a 'wait and see' sort of thing. Second = guaranteed promotion, fourth = maybe, possibly. So finish second if you can guys... which next Saturday's match against Peterborough may decide.

Jan Brynjolffssen 6 months, 1 week ago

This was nearly eight years ago. Worth it for such a zinger, though.

an original plus three repeats = four times in total, btw

Laurie Haslop 6 months, 1 week ago

More stupid seeing as though you can't count Dave! :)