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This week we launched the latest version of Cambridge South Hockey Club's website.

If this isn't your first time on the site you'll definitely have noticed that it looks quite different. Believe it or not, the previous iteration of the site was released almost 6 years ago - in September 2013!

What's New?

Under the hood ...

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A Tale of Two Sittings

There’s no doubt that Cambridge South has come a long way over the past couple of decades, from a little village club with a couple of men’s and a single ladies’ side (as in, there was only one ladies’ team, rather than all the ladies in it were single. Although they could have been - our records ...

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An Ely Good Performance

After the previous juniors’ date had been lost to the February cold snap (shortly before the February heat wave), the trip to Ely was the first match event of the year for South’s U8, U10 and U12 sides.

The fixtures had originally scheduled to be hosted by Cambridge City at Wilberforce Road, then moved ...

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2nd Match Date for South's U8s-U12s

South's Mixed U8s show how much they enjoyed their day!

After the monsoon at St Neots in October, for our second U8-U12 Sunday fixtures date the clouds cleared and we basked in the autumn sunshine at Peterborough. Four clubs, twenty-two teams, two hundred-odd players, even more parents; the queue for bacon rolls at the ...

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Summer 7s 2018 - THE FINALE

After the rollercoaster of emotions, the ups and downs, the celebrations and the heartaches, it’s all over. No, not England’s World Cup campaign, which for once is lasting longer than a bowl of strawberries at Wimbledon, but this years South Summer 7s mixed tournament.

The evening opened with the Plate leaders, Queens’ Greatest ...

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South Mixed Team Show Some Pride

London Pride Cup 2018

To say we didn’t have the smoothest start to the day would be a slight understatement. Katie messaged on Friday night to say that she’d lost her stick then Shin over-napped and so couldn’t pick up the minibus until Saturday morning.

Katie found her stick, Shin picked up ...

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Last week, before disappearing on a work trip (no doubt another shot-downing, dwarf-tossing sales team conf in California), Love Island Rejects’ captain Joe confided that he was worried about another “Boris Lossy situation” developing while he was away. Some may remember Joe’s season as captain of the M4s, when he left his hitherto-unbeaten side ...

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