No More Saying 'S***y'

Louise Walker

In a fast paced and high energy game, South played very well against the top of the league opposition, St Ives.

St Ives managed to score straight from the push back, which wasn’t an ideal start but South responded positively and reset strong.

The ‘defence heavy’ team selection meant that several people were playing higher than usual but everyone did a fantastic job, including an awesome performance on the front line by a usually defensive mid, Nicole…despite her protests! (note in previous match reports we called for Nicole to lead us up front; our dreams are coming true)

Zara had another great game with consistent strong runs and shared a well deserved three-way MoM vote with Nicole and Ellen.

St Ives had a handful of short corners but South’s defence was strong and confident, preventing any of the shorts from being converted into goals.

Ania made some good clearances and there were some vital and skilful saves from Cassie.

Very unfortunately, Phil face-planted after colliding with an opponent, giving her the Lemon vote!

A great overall performance from South and an enjoyable game despite the score. Some great competitive spirit from the girls also, especially as the word ‘S***y’ has been banned from our team!


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Ellen Slay
Man of the Match

Great play

Nicole Mills
Man of the Match

Great play

Zara Mann
Man of the Match

Great play

Phil Slay
Lemon of the Match

Epic face-plant