When the Boat Comes In

Tom South

Due to the match being cancelled because of weather conditions, I’ll keep this relatively short and sweet. Jan’s selfless action, volunteering to become a goalkeeper, resulted in a joint man of the match vote alongside James and his well-placed goal. Due to some shady voting I (Tom) somehow managed LoM with JJ a close second and honourable mentions to Paul, for not even making it to the match, and Jelly, for tactically deciding not to mention he arrived in his car with the roof down while it was raining.

1st Half

With storm clouds gathering and some of the team arriving a little too close to the start time for comfort we began the match. A strong start for South showed the forwards and midfield pushing again and again into the opposition D but to no avail. The St Ives goalkeeper closed down and saved multiple shots and this, combined with their experienced defensive work, presented an issue for our attack. A strong counterattack from the opposition quickly punished this as St Ives slotted a goal into the corner. This didn’t keep South’s heads down; quickly pushing back up the field, a deflected shot came back to James who swiftly seized the moment to secure himself joint MoM with a beautifully placed goal just past the keeper. The rest of the first half saw a much more even game with St Ives attacking just as much as South did, but some good defensive work and solid midfield tracking back prevented anything from hitting the back of the net. Unfortunately this also held true for the St Ives side, which proved frustrating for our midfield and forwards.

2nd half

As play resumed, and the weather really began turning for the worst, it became unclear as to whether we were playing hockey or some form of water polo. The deluge was avoided by some (*cough* Oli S) but it soon became clear after a hit from Dave that the ball was no longer travelling very far or fast and was borderline underwater. Sometime during the start of this St Ives scored, putting them two-one up, with a strong counter attack. As the tide had quite literally come in, the umpires decided to call the match off and fortunately for us it will be replayed at a later date (hopefully not ice hockey next time!)


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James Hayes
Man of the Match

Scored a goal

Jan Brynjolffssen
Man of the Match

Went in goal

Jason 'JJ' James
Lemon of the Match

Skipper in pre-match team announcement email "Gentlemen, these guys are second in the ladder. Please go easy on the beers tonight, eh?" Three hours later on the team WhatsApp "I'm ine..., I'm inebri..., I'M DRUNK!!!! :-) :-) :-0"

Tom South
Lemon of the Match

Wanging his sausage around where it definitely wasn't wanted. Such as in the face of a vegetarian...