Smells Like M5s’ Spirit…

Howard 'Assassin' Steed

A slightly delayed start at Nomads’ HQ due to what initially looked like a very nasty head injury to one of their M1s’ players but fortunately turned out be not as serious as first thought.

South, fielding an experimental forward line up of Simon T, James Y and Tendayi R due to missing stalwarts Rob B (M4s) and John G (sore knee), made a lively start immediately pushing deep into the Nomads’ half. Despite this initial dominance, keeper Mikey G was called on to make some spectacular saves on several occasions when Nomads managed to breach the robust South midfield and defence. One such attack led to the rare sight of Al 'Rock' Radford floored by a heavy challenge, enabling the home team to take the upper hand in what up to then had been a match largely dominated by the visitors.

Undeterred, South continued to defend hard and press forward with spirited runs from Simon T, Jo D and Andy T, only to be thwarted by some equally spectacular saves from the Nomads’ keeper.

At half-time the consensus in the South goal was that the match was still well within our grasp, but hopes were soon dashed by a second from the opposition. At this point heads could have easily dropped but this wasn't on the South agenda as we continued to pressurise the Nomads’ defence both from open play and a series of well-choreographed short corners. One such raid down the right wing found LoM maestro Andy T perfectly positioned to beat the agile Nomads keeper. This rattled the opposition and South continued to push hard for the equaliser into the dying moments of the match but the clock beat us, so it wasn't to be.

MoM was overwhelmingly awarded to Michael G for a truly amazing performance (matched by the Nomads’ keeper) that kept both sides’ goal tallies to a minimum.

LoM was a much closer call between Andy T (for nothing other than scoring a fantastic goal?) and John G, the latter sealing it for blaming his elegant dying swan impression from last weekend’s Wisbech match for apparently left him incapacitated!

The main post-match talking point however was how well we raised our game despite being two goals down to come close to securing what would have been a very well-deserved draw and rattle a team fighting for promotion, on their home territory. Something we can all be very positive about as we head towards what will be an equally challenging fixture against St Ives 4s next weekend.


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Mike Gillingham
Man of the Match

Spectacular work in goal

John Greaves
Lemon of the Match

Some lame excuse about a sore knee