A Game of Two Halves

Sarah Haddow

We arrived at Coldhams Common with pride in our hearts and victory in our sights. Nomads’ Ladies 2s were the challenge we faced. The game started with both teams in full force but before long, seven minutes to be precise, Harriet fired a hard pass to Izzy, who stylishly slipped it to Sarah waiting near the edge of the D, who pushed the ball to the right of the goalie. One-nil to South! Nomads quickly came back fighting with an equaliser. South, having had most of the possession at this point in the match (trying to get the ball in the goal), won a short corner. An injection from Flo to Flix resulted in a strike past the Nomads’ keeper. Two-one to South.

Once again, Nomads come back fighting and got a goal. Two-all. Frustrated, South got the ball back into the Nomads’ D and won a short corner. A beautiful little set play by South: injected to Izzy, slipped to Sarah, and then passed back to Izzy on the P spot who chipped it through the Nomads’ keeper’s legs and into the net. Simply beautiful! We went into half time three-two up. The first half was not one of our finest performances. After a regroup and motivational words from the captaincy team, we started again.

Upon deciding that three-two was not a satisfactory result, we won another short. Izzy stepped up and put a straight strike past the Nomads’ defence. Once again it’s in the back of the goal for South: four-two! With the defenders holding the back solidly and the mids running their socks off, we kept pressing on. Jess, in a joint Man of the Match winning performance, held the centre and kept tight on Nomads’ speedy centre-mid to keep her out of the game.

A long ball made its way through to Hannah who was waiting in the D. With some awesome skill she nicely slotted it left, past the keeper. We were now five-two up and feeling good. The passing was fluid and we were playing well. A long ball from Izzy to Eimear, a drive into the D and a slap past the keeper (there may or may not have been a deflection off a defender’s foot) made it six-two to South. Goal number seven was an absolute corker, courtesy of Flo. A tomahawk from an impossibly tight angle sailed past the keeper to make it seven-two. To finish the game off in wonderful hockey style, we won a short corner and Izzy (to round off her join Man of the Match winning performance) casually drag flicked the ball to the left of the keeper. Eight-two and time for teas.

Impressively, Nomads fought to the bitter end. One last minute attack from Nomads caused Louise to have to make a very impressive save off the tip of her stick.

There were a number of contenders for Lemon this week; Jenny had a sit down in the first half, H nearly forgot to drop the dog off at her mum's house, Rebecca couldn't find the changing room, Flo's stick almost snapped in half during the warm up and Louise was half an hour late. Sarah however just pipped the Lemon votes by trying to start the game with a bib still on.

Overall another fantastic result and an eight-two win in the bag! Bring on the next game!


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Izzy MacDonald-Parry
Man of the Match


Jess Woodhouse
Man of the Match

Solid in the middle

Sarah Haddow
Lemon of the Match

Trying to start the game with her bib still on