Mission Accomplished!

Charlotte Wilson

Lauren B donned the captain’s armband in the absence of Laurie. This meant that the usual pre-match team talk was shorter and went along the lines of, “This is a game we can win – let’s go and win it.”. Armed with the usual coloured subbing strategy (oh wait, that was missing!) we went into battle, in less than perfect playing conditions.

Laurie had issued instructions, asking us to aim for a clean sheet and play a tight, well defended game with good communication. OK, challenge accepted!

South took the pushback and were immediately on the charge, with superb interplay between the midfield and attackers down the right flank which resulted with us in their D and the first shot at goal within fifteen seconds. This pressure continued relentlessly throughout the first half. There were excellent runs from Zara and Erin, stretching the play down the flanks to try to take advantage of the speed we have in the team to get round a solid St Neots backline. The ball was transferred sublimely by the midfield with Rhi and the Red Scarfed Diva Louisa (weren’t you told to remove that last week?) finding the South runners on frequent occasions. Time and time again the ball entered the D but unfortunately not into the net. The defence, expertly martialled by Lauren E, had little to do but when called upon snuffed out any potential attacks; in fact most of the team spent their time in the opposing half. The first half ended nil-nil due to St Neots’ resolute defence.

The start of the second half was very similar to the first, with South on the attack again. The ball was transferred from left, through the middle to the right and back once again into the D but again, no joy. This was repeated numerous times until, with a break down the left wing, the ball was passed to Emily who moved the ball to Zara, who hit it superbly past the keeper and into the net. One-nil to South.

As St Neots tried to get back into the game, Ani and Emma intercepted any balls that came their way, and often expertly passed to the midfield link players to be pushed forward again.

There were a number of chances before the second goal resulted from a great strike from Rhi from a ridiculous angle. It was so acute that it took ages for the umpire (Adam) to confirm the goal because he couldn’t believe that anyone could score from that angle. Two–nil to South.

St Neots didn’t give up. Their best chances came from two short corners; the first was charged down by Charlotte and the second went past the post. But that was it. The game ended with South at the other end of the field.

This was an excellent team performance with MoM nominations for Rhi, Zara, Grace, Emma & Charlotte. However the winner was Rhi for her fantastic goal, with Zara unfortunate to miss out by one vote. Strangely enough Rhi also was LoM for a diva strop (watch out for the competition, Louisa!) Even more surprising is that South’s latest centurion, Lauren B, has never actually been awarded LoM - you could teach Rhi a thing or two.

Final score two-nil - the captain's wishes were truly accomplished.


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Rhi Davies
Man of the Match

Scored a ridiculous goal

Rhi Davies
Lemon of the Match

Had a ridiculous strop