We Came, We Scored (13), We Left

Nichola Fennell

South arrived, South scored (a lot), South left.

A few other things happened:

  • Izzy had to take her watch off.

  • She also scored four goals.

  • Nichola threw her stick (and got a green card…).

  • Jess and Dani bopped people on the head.

  • Jess scored two goals.

  • Flix scored two.

  • Rebecca scored three (all on the reverse) but also ran the ball off the pitch.

  • Grace and Eimear both scored one each.

  • Off-brand jelly babies were rationed.

  • Louise broke her helmet.

  • Ireland won the rugby.

  • We had ciabattas.

  • Everyone had a good time.

What more can be said about a thirteen-one win?


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Grace Blackwell
Man of the Match

Goal and great work rate.

Izzy MacDonald-Parry
Man of the Match

Perfect 4.

Nichola Fennell
Lemon of the Match

Stick throwing incident resulting in a green card.