Let's Make Lemonade

Zara Bradley

This week was the L4s’ final training session (a massive thanks to Bhav, Jack and Paul for developing the L4/5s through fantastic training this season) and final league match. Finishing the season at home, we knew it was going to be a tough match as we went up against Ely 2s who have finished top of the league but in true South spirit we went out with determination and drive, ready to take them on and show everyone how much the L4s really have improved this season. Unfortunately I was supporting from the sidelines after a pay and play injury involving my own feet, the floor and a Wednesday night in A&E.

Overall there was some incredible hockey played by all. A very eager Laura went on the pitch with her bib on (something the L4s definitely need to work on for next season), our defenders fought strongly, our attackers and mids did some fabulous running up the wings, Rhi and Zara did lots of shouting from the sidelines, Jack Chalk gave a very inspiring half time chat and the Percy Pigs were yummy.

The game reflected how much the L4s have come on as a team this season, getting to know and love each other. A gigantic 'THANK YOU' to Laura and Liz as captain and vice-captain this season, for managing the huge numbers of players for the Ladies 4s and 5s, ensuring we were putting out two fantastic teams each week and getting everyone games. MoM votes went to so many players, really reflecting the strength of the game, with votes going to: Laura (fantastic defending and brilliant captaining throughout the season), Nicole (good running and playing), Sammy (great defence), Katie (super defending), Lou (always being on the ball), Pauline (great space and clearances), with Alex getting MoM for her fantastic first time up front, having lots of breaks with the ball and working it around Ely’s defenders. LoM votes went to Laura for coming onto the pitch with her bib still on, with Zara getting LoM for being injured, not being able to play and, “Just for the season.” (New season, less lemons????)


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Alex Macpherson
Man of the Match

Great forward debut

Zara Bradley
Lemon of the Match

Finishing the season in style