A tribute to the greatest player in the world (Tenacious P)

Harry Chalk

We start with some stats:

  • 2 M1s player of the seasons
  • Most understated man born in the Southern hemisphere
  • 13 appearances for M2s before promotion to M1s
  • 22 MoMs in CSHC career
  • Personally felled 6 trees and hand crafted 17 sticks during 25 year hockey career
  • 100 caps for M1s
  • Oldest piece of willow in CSHC
  • Hardest hit since records began
  • Most understated man living in the Northern hemisphere

And so, with P’s 100th appearance for the M1s, we headed to Div 1 champs Sudbury for the first run out of the year.  In all his caps, P has probably never experienced a warm quite like the one James sprung upon us.  Strictly come hockey, anyone?

After going 1 down, a brilliant team move which started with P at the back right of D, went through Chalk, across to debut Dean on the left, up the line to Wizard, inside to an on rushing Sam, up to Harry Lewis in the D, who pulled the keeper and defender one way, before dropping it back to Sam to tap into an open goal.  Maybe the best ever M1s team goal (author’s opinion).  Made all the sweeter by the opposition’s attempts to swarm specifically our left flank with an aggressive press. 

A fast paced game continued, with the teams going in 2-2 at half time, Wiz with a classic back post tap in following Owen's deflection into the D. 

Half time came and went.  P in particular was rolling back the years, even the lesser spotted reverse hit came out, along with trademark tackling, hitting and strength on the ball.  Other highlights include;

  • Debut Dean (on debut) managed to clear the ball off the line after Sudbury missed out on a 4-1, worthy of MoM.     
  • George deflected a rapid drag flick onto the cross bar.
  • Austin Harrison playing 4 positions in the match, and at one point, even making a lead past the opposition 23. 

As Sudbury struggled with the pace & intensity, two more well worked goals, including a P hit / Pearson deflection combo (one for the faithful), meant South had a 2 goal lead going into the last 15.

It ended 4-4, but a fantastic start to pre-season nonetheless.  Less said about post match admin the better, isn't it fantastic to reduce paper use with an electronic voting system?  



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Dean Birch
Man of the Match

Debut Dean with a great defensive performance. Goal line save the highlight. 

Harry Chalk
Lemon of the Match

Forgot the face masks, the captain’s armband, paper and pens. Welcome to the new era, loose AB.