Simons 5 - Ely 0

Ky Ho

Freakonomics fans will notice that in the league matches for M5 this season, people with the first name of Simon have scored more than 81% of M5's goals, so for the next league match we will field even more people named Simon. (Captains note: maybe we should start with Simons Cooper and Frampton!)

First half, Simon T scored early for South followed by a couple of near misses from young Thomas. South dominated for about 10 mins, then we had a string of substitutions which fooled Ely into unleashing their speedy young forwards and they also started to dominate the midfield. South's defence however held firm, ably marshalled by sweeper Dan. Jo, our keeper was largely untroubled but had to make one save. Statistically, Dan made more interceptions than we had of scoring chances in the first half. This is designed to say that the defence wins us the first half.

The half time talk seems to have turned the game South's way. South always seem more dominant in the 2nd half. Each of the Simons got two more goals each. 

A well deserved win with more game time for newcomers and old timers alike.

Captains note: Due to a slight miscommunication of the results we have two MoMs this week - Dan and Phil and LoM Simon number 13!


Simon Jelley 6 days, 23 hours ago

Everyone played very well yesterday, with two very deserving men of the match managing to get their noses ahead of the other great performances.

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Phil Harvey
Man of the Match

Skilful ball distribution that helped us dominate the second half of the match!

Dan Image-Flower
Man of the Match

Making defending look easy. Calm and commanding!

Simon Ta
Lemon of the Match

For being boringly predictable and scoring yet another hat trick!