A Series of Definitions

Harry Chalk

Preparation: make (someone/something) ready or able to do or deal with something.
Playing hockey; remember stick. Sam didn’t start the day well.

Oven: an enclosed compartment, usually part of a cooker, for cooking and heating food.
…Not socks. Fortunately, Sam’s socks were dry this week. Prepared.

Head band: a band of fabric worn around the head as a decoration or to keep the hair or perspiration off the face.
Three man of match nominations to Dean for half time introduction of the headband. Gamechanger.

Impact: the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another.
The ball, into Joel’s right eyebrow; assist for James. Blood.

Control: the power to influence or direct people’s behaviour or the course of events.
Will Townley, control personified. MoM.

Fergie Time (a.k.a. Kloppage Time): a generous or excessive amount of time after the injury time has been added at the end of a match, allowing a team to score a late equaliser or winner.
A Harry Lewis winner with three to go. Seven points won in last five minutes of matches this league season. Ethos.

Dancing: move rhythmically, typically following a set sequence of steps.
Rhythmic it was not; what was Stuey doing after Harry scored? Assist.

Professional Foul: a deliberate act of foul play intended to bring about an advantage for the perpetrator’s team.
Two minutes left on the clock, unnamed midfielder stops East London from getting into twenty-three. Yellow.

Loose: not rigidly organised.
Train beers and evening celebrations were, well, loose (as balls). TK.


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Will Townley
Man of the Match

"I didn't really do much."

Sam Highfield
Lemon of the Match

Forgot his stick. Also, once baked a damp sock in the oven; never forget.