A Whacky 7-4 win over Newmarket

Colin T

A Thursday evening match? Whoever came up with that idea I do not know, but it made a refreshing change to the traditional Saturday afternoon slot which is needed for so many other things, like washing the car, mowing the lawn, sanding and bees-waxing the dining table that I had planned for this weekend (which later all got postponed to the Sunday as I was made aware we then also had a second game of the week on said Saturday afternoon)

We were warned that there was going to be parking issues at Wilberforce Road due to another event (not because we had a massive crowd in attendance), but this was fake news as the car park was empty. It was however a very good method to make sure the team was punctual though.

Right I had better get on with talking about the game (however as this report is 3 days late and has been knocked off the front of the website by our game yesterday at Bishops Stortford I doubt many people will be reading this surely? Either way I had better get my facts straight);

We started off superbly, and smashed in a couple of early goals, then we had a bit of a lapse in concentration (quite a long one in fact) and found ourselves behind at half time (from 2-0 to 3-2). The most memorable bit of that first half for me was dealing with an aerial, missing it, getting nut-megged at the same time and then their center-forward scoring.

We stepped up a gear in the second half, got organised, and also took advantage of a lack of subs that Newmarket didn’t bring with them and turned the game around and won it 7-4. To quote a couple of extracts from emails since the game;

Jan B; “A whacky 7-4 win over Newmarket that had lots of good elements and, er, some things to work on. Yes, let’s put it like that.

Captain James; “The squad look worryingly lean, mean, fit and fast; words rarely associated with the Men’s 2s.”

 Hang on a second, I’ve just read some more of Jan’s email and he has pretty much written a detailed and accurate match report for this, so I’ll cut and paste it and go to bed;

Irish Tom got a hattrick, Jack netted twice with nary a spinny-thing in sight, and both Nik and new Tom got one each. The pick of the batch was Tom B’s hattrick strike, Shin lifting an aerial from a sideline ball near halfway that went over the entire Newmarket defence, took one high bounce into the circle where Tom was on hand to volley it past the utterly exposed ‘keeper. The bits to work on were that the side, after utterly dominating the opening 10 minutes to be 2-0 up, somehow found themselves 3-2 down by half-time and shipped another in the second half. The issues involved were conceding to the same short corner routine twice (d’oh!) and getting done by long-balls twice (double d’oh!).



Neil Sneade 6 days, 11 hours ago

I read it!

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Man of the Match

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Lemon of the Match

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