An honourable podium finish

John Greaves

I am told this was a match of two halves. I understand that the first of these is treated as a warm up, according to the latest rules. During said warm up St Neots wanted to practice their short corner routines. Rather well. Netting two of them , with a third "goal" from a deflected effort shortly before the end of the period

So the match proper started with the confident and skilful St Neots team continuing with a similar approach, but now that Camb South were joining in too, they didn't find it quite so easy. This was due to Player of the Match Mike G in goal repelling all boarders, aided by dogged defence from Pete "dynamo" Dreuitt and his able support cast. It didn’t look pretty, but St Neots were unable to break through for most of the period

Unlike the home team, with skipper Andy Thomas playing a key role in both our goals from left wing, The first a neat pass to the charging Simon Ta who tore through most of the St Neots team before crossing to James "sharpshooter" Yu lurking by the far post and making no mistake. Our second, the best move of the game came via a 16yd hit to Chairman Greaves, who spotted Mr T on the right wing (!?) racing towards the corner. The pass was pinpoint, the cross from Andy T ditto, and there was Kevin Ta to slot the ball in past CSHC Alumnus Tim Poole.

Unfortunately Mr Poole then used all that great coaching he had received from us in an earlier life to save a well struck Simon Ta penalty, after that man Greaves's "goal" was ruled out on a technicality (whistle blown for the penalty 5 secs before he hit the shot). Mr Poole also saved another goal-bound Greaves effort leaping like a gazelle to parry the ball away. I'm not bitter

Other incidents of note were...

a dazzling piece of trickery from VC Jo Dant ending with a bent ankle ...Heroic in the cause, Jo

St Neots finally scoring from a well-worked short corner routine. All that practice in the "warm up" paying dividends

And that was that. An open lively game won by Camb South 2-1. Played in a good spirit. St Neots were able to claim a 4-2 moral victory by including their goals from the earlier period, being the better team, and dominating possession

No disgrace for the M6's who never gave up, improved as the game went on, tackled and battled throughout, stuck to positions, and played well as a team in the face of adversity.


the diligent and expert umpires


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Mike Gillingham
Player of the Match

Many great saves, and stirring team talk

Andy Thomas
Lemon of the Match

Significant contribution to both our goals. Good all round performance. It must be the racy haircut