After the storm

Louise Walker

Sign ups were low from this match – did some L6s have and advanced long range weather forecast?

Big thank you to Rebecca F, Olivea, Polly, Nicole and Juliet for joining the ranks (the last 3 directly from their previous match).

Knowing that Royston play in the league above us, I planned a defense-focused game. As the game started it turned out this was maybe not the way to go. South ahd the advantage for pace and confidence.

Returning for her second game (always a good sign!) Becky D had another great first half, making a strong link between the defense and forwards, and intercepting opposition passes. Unfortunately she had to depart at half time.

Olivea was strong and speedy on the wing, driving balls up the line. Liz had some great drives into the D and created some good chances on goal. Nicole was everywhere again, in her second consecutive game of the day. Unfortunately Lou didn’t see her message requesting to play in defense before the game ( to be fair I had anticipated that the defenders would have a busier game than they did!).

Avi used speed and coordination to mop up attacks and drive up to support the midfield and attach from central defense.

Juliette and Bex worked hard up front throughout, getting on the end of long passes and using speed and width in the attack.

Rebecca F won player of the match for using great stick skills to trap opposition clearances and 16s, and lots of drives into the D. One of these ended in her being tripped, resulting in war wounds and a short corner. Unfortunately no goal, but a much narrower defeat than usually, so the elusive L6 win becomes ever closer…watch this space. And WELL PLAYED everyone!


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Rebecca Frith
Player of the Match

Great interceptions and pressure on the goal

Avi Ibayan
Player of the Match

Great commitment in defence and energy throughout, running up to support the attack

Avi Ibayan
Lemon of the Match

What’s App message ‘Is the game still on today? It’s raining.’

Rhian O'Connor
Lemon of the Match

Went to the wrong side of the pitch for the restart - forgot about the direction change (or wanted to defect to Royston?)