And the fives are off!

Rosie Brown

Pushing back promptly amongst darkening skies, Wisbech started positively but soon struggled to retain possession in midfield and South took the initiative.  We went 2-0 up quickly, with goals from Rhi and Indie, and with the early lead our confidence built.  We pressed the Wisbech defence into errors and a bunch of short corners followed which Rhi took beautifully.

Wisbech managed to secure a short corner on a rare sojourn into the South D - Rosie was banished to the midway line for having run out too early - earning her LoM. However, it was nice for Mia to have sight of the ball for a short while, and South’s strong defence soon pushed back up: Vicky, Eloise, Nicole and Rebecca ensured that our mids were well supported and the ball was stuck back in Wisbech’s half.  Sarah put in some banging crosses (for a defender she’s darned good at attacking!), and with Holly, Emma, Rhi, Sammy, Indie, Louisa and KA, continued to cause Wisbech problems.  Louisa banged in a couple more goals and South got to half time 4-0 up.  

Unfortunately KA got her timings wrong and had to miss the second half. However we marched on, with a couple of tumbles from Rhi and further goals from Holly, Sarah and Indie, taking us to 7-0 at the final whistle.   It was a comfortable win and some good attacking experience for the L5s.  PoM was hotly contested and ultimately shared between Vicky, Rhian, Nicole and Sarah, with Louisa also getting a shout.

Thanks go to our Fenland opposition for making the 70-mile Wisbech - Long Road round trip, no mean feat, particularly during the fuel crisis!


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Nicole Mills
Player of the Match

Great defence and positioning 

Vicki Georgiadis
Player of the Match

Great tackles and free hits

Sarah Dodds
Player of the Match

Great shots and positioning

Rhian O'Connor
Player of the Match

Great goal from midfield and generally excellent play

Rosie Brown
Lemon of the Match

For being super speedy to break on a short corner, just slightly too speedy!