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Alex Pashley


A number of exciting opportunities have arisen within the Cambridge South Hockey Club, specifically within the M4 team. There are a number of roles available, with the right wing back position looking a likely contender for imminent replacement. The location is varied, with individuals spending half their time at our Cambridge base at Long Road Sixth Form college, and half off-site, at locations including Kettering, Wisbech, and Spalding.


About the Role

The role is associated with a number of responsibilities and is varied in nature, for which training is provided, assuming you turn up. These could include:

  • Holding a hockey stick, and possibly using it to craft passages of play

  • Running around, particularly up and down the wings with feigned purpose

  • Being fouled by big lads, which could include members of your own team

  • Writing match reports, especially following heinous and/or ridiculous conduct pre-, peri-, or post-match

  • Transporting other players to jewels in the crown of the East of England and Midlands, via motorways voted “most anonymous in Britain”, as well as flooded B-roads in the Fens at an average speed of ~20 mph


About You

The ideal candidate will thrive in a medium-paced environment, and might even be decent at playing hockey, assuming Rob Barton hasn’t heard of you and attempted a smear campaign. Requirements for the role include:

  • Familiarity with some of the rules laid out by England Hockey

  • A first name beginning with “J”, or ideally duplicating another in the squad roster; those named “Matt” or “Tom” are strongly encouraged to apply

  • Ability to plan and prioritise your own time and communicate this to others, such as turning up to the rendezvous on time, rather than 30 minutes-post

  • Ability to not maim other teammates with the ball and/or stick

  • Proficiency in triangles

  • Excellent technical acumen, such as being able to memorise and understand short corner routines 1, 2, 3, 3(a) part I, 3(a) part 1 annex 3, et cetera

  • Excellent verbal communication skills, specifically “chat”, not back-chatting umpires, and avoiding saying anything controversial and/or obscene prior to “Lemon of the Match” voting

  • Excellent written communication skills, for when your skill or verbal communication skills fail you, requiring you to write the post-match report


What We Offer

We offer a competitive starting package, including hockey, the opportunity to consume post-match pizza (Cambridge) or uncooked potato (elsewhere), expensive socks, unwashed 3XL away shirts as standard, and approximately 5 months’ holiday per annum, between April and September. We also have club-level public liability insurance, which doesn’t cover what you think it does.



Below are some testimonials from current and former players in the M4s to give prospective candidates a flavour of playing for the team, and the atmosphere to expect:


The M4s are great. I score at least six goals every game. You don’t need to look that statistic up

-Joe W


The M4s have always been very welcoming. They let me talk openly about faeces, and I’ve only been decapitated once this season

-Jim H


I love purple

-George T


I’m mad about crops such as sugar beet and turnips, so relish the opportunity to travel five hours to visit scenic places like Long Sutton

-Alex P


Can I interest you in a furnished shipping container? Cash only

-Jason J


I changed my name to “Jev” by deed poll and I still got dropped



Case Study

The Cambridge South M4s recently travelled to face Kettering Hockey Club’s M3 team, to increase league positioning.


Challenges and considerations:

  • Only one substitute with instructions “sub when someone looks ragged”

  • A pitch consisting of approximately 30% astroturf and 70% sand

  • An opposition of equal parts big, slow men and small, speedy children


Cambridge South M4s’ Approach:

  • Almost exclusively left-sided wing-back play

  • Shunting the ball to Joe W and Tom S

  • A mix of expansive and hospital passing



  • A well-fought, 3-3 draw, with goals from Joe W (2) and newcomer Josh S (1)

  • Player of the Match awarded to Matt N, for a last-gasp short goal-line save, applying his characteristic malice in getting a goal disallowed, and Braveheart-esque chest-beating on the final whistle

  • Lemon of the Match awarded to Alex P, for entering a fugue state, mistaking the lines on the pitch for Squid Game, and attempting to remove Jim H’s head with the hockey ball to gain a tactical advantage [Editor’s note: I blame Netflix]


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Matthew Need
Player of the Match

Last second goal line clearance and saving a goal through calm discussion.

Alex Pashley
Lemon of the Match

Doing his best to give Jim a concussion