Bourne Ready

James Odd Bailey

 ‘Bourne Ready’
Cambridge South first team faced Bourne Deeping 1st team looking to bounce back from
a string of frustrating defeats to Haleston Magpies,; Spalding and UoEA placing us 6ht in Div 1’s table. Bourne Deeping 1’s were even more desperate for a win to end a 12 game losing streak and currently sitting joint bottom of the table with Sudbury 1’s.
Spirits were high in the teams whats app in anticipation of the day's contest. Captain Sam Highfield informed the team that we have drawn Norwich city 1’s in the cup who are undefeated in the prem this season. Resident bad boy Will Townley commented that “It will be embarrassing when they lose then”.. It sure will, Will.
South asserted dominance from the off set with an aggressive high press providing Bourne with little room to breathe from 16 yard free hits. At the 10 minute mark South finally draw a foul in the D and won a short corner. The initial drag flick from Jack ‘Hungry’ Humby was saved, but the ball fell fortunately for Scott Catley who managed to slot in a slap hit to the far post for the first.
The second came 5 minutes later with a totally legitimate reverse from James Bailey who found a yard of space after about 10 minutes of faffing around at the top of the D. Haters will say that he topped it with his backstick and that the ball bounced 15 times a may not have even hit the backboard, but who can say for sure?

 The 4 came at the start of the second half from another short corner from Skipper Sam Highfield for 3rd of the season. Sam did well to deflect the ball off the grip of his grip on the far post from a pass from Jack Humby 3 yards behind Sam. One could say that maybe Sam is too fast for his own good, others could say Sam isn't fast it was just a poor pass. Who can say for sure?
Will Townley Added to his tally this season with a brace, bringing him up to 4. His first goal was a superb team goal starting from newbie Connor Trimble driving down the right wing entering the D with a textbook baseline circle entry passing the ball 90 degrees to Harry Chalk finding James at the top D to pass for Will who calmly tapped it in at the far post. Will second could not have been more different. The intrepid defensive central midfield had tasted blood and was now out from more. A burst of pace took him from the attacking 23 to the top of the circle weaving through the tired Bourne deeping defence. A space was acquired and a blistering ball was smashed into the near post corner.
I Guess I should mention the Hat Trick from Tim Winter. Each one scored in the exact same way. Three balls hit into the circle from wide on the left met Tim with a beautifully timed run for a deflection just in front of the keeper
On to Cambridge south's annual halloween social. It was cluedo themed. The night began in the Castle. Everyone looked sublime. I took my first sip of my pint to start what I hoped would be a fun yet sensible night...

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Rob Barton 1 month ago

*rubs eyes in disbelief* Wow! Congrats on this result, chaps. Any chance you can trickle a couple of the goals down to the M5s...

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Tim Winter
Player of the Match

Hattrick hero

Will Townley
Lemon of the Match

Hattrick avoidance, never had lemon before