Comfortable win for South

Joe Whittaker

The M4s came to City’s home ground expecting a tough game. However, a relatively tranquille and chilled game ensued with South on top the whole way through with City surprisingly resigned to defeat after 5 or so minutes. Joe’s drag flick (coached by Marianno at Friday’s pay and play -thanks Marianno!) finding the top of the net. Ironically South’s possession statistics looked more like (Man) City’s possession stats and a flattering scoreline ensued for the opposition with a couple of flukey goals separating South from a dominating performance. Comments from the City players afterwards confirmed that they were a weakened side, potentially due to the Covid outbreak we’re seeing, which was a shame as South’s whatsapp group all week was chat about facing a top-team and expecting a tough game. It was great that they didn’t call it off like M4s’ previous couple of games and City gave it a go at least.

It could have been 6 – 0 if a certain striker hadn’t been trying to impress his girlfriend who stood behind the fence…not naming him to save his ego, but shouts of ’go on Andy!’ and ‘pass to Andy!’ did not help the anonymous’ striker’s performance as his thoughts went wandering outside of the fence with what must have been other aspirations of scoring. Scoring in hockey is cool too, Mr Forever-anonymous.

In other scoring news, from South’s side, the other goals came from a trademark Owen ‘dribble around 3 or 4 players and smash it in’ and a goal from Tom you just wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it - A pass from Laurie being tipped over the keeper’s head as he rushed out to coolly find the back of the net, clipping the post as it went in. City’s defender was very much in awe of this last goal saying it was the best goal he’d seen this season although did question if it was intentional…we’ll never know…

All in all. A good solid performance in a well-mannered match with City from the M4s which puts us in 2nd place and relegates City to 4th in the league. Who knows with the leagues and the teams dropping out what it really means (maybe Jan does??), but potentially this performance with South wining over City will give us promotion, and cost them. I’m not sure they knew this though otherwise they wouldn’t have given up (let’s not tell them!!). Pleasantries and three cheers were finally exchanged and ‘best of lucks’ for the remaining matches in the league were extended. Yummy teas too.


Jan Brynjolffssen 2 months, 1 week ago

Joe is back from advising Vlad on how to run a peacekeeping operation, I see.

And no, I don't know exactly how many teams will go up from 4NW as that means reading the league's mind. The rules say two... but the league above is two teams short. Whether that actually adds up to two, three or four going up is a 'wait and see' sort of thing. Second = guaranteed promotion, fourth = maybe, possibly. So finish second if you can guys... which next Saturday's match against Peterborough may decide.

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Ben Lye
Player of the Match

Excellent between the sticks with some vital saves

Martin Grove
Player of the Match

Solid as a rock and advanced the ball well from the back.

John Gourd
Player of the Match

Some crucial tackles and fantastic game management

Alex Pashley
Player of the Match

Great attacking wing play, pushed the ball high up the field

Danny McCree
Player of the Match

Excellent tenacity and hard work

Matt Kern
Player of the Match

Base of the midfield triangle, our pivot when going forward.

Jim Hall
Player of the Match

Fantastic work rate and high quality assist for the second goal.

Matthew Need
Player of the Match

Rallied the troops well and distributed well in midfield.

Thomas Grove
Player of the Match

Excellent stick skills alongside a goal of the season contender

Andy Waddell
Player of the Match

Legs for days alongside some wonderful game management in the second half

Joe Whittaker
Player of the Match

Quality strike for the first goal. Held the ball up well for the other forwards.

Owen Russell
Player of the Match

Assured finish, always a pest on the ball!

Laurie Haslop
Player of the Match

Great forward play, keeping attacks going with his stick skills and tenacity.