Lovely time had by all

James Hartley

Cambridge South 5's took a leisurely drive up to Long Sutton for a game of hockey in the sunshine yesterday, wending our way through scenic countryside to reach the distant pitch. Our opposition were top of the league and probably would be contenders in a higher one, so they were bound to be tough opponents, but our team was good and spirits were high.

And indeed, the match started well! For many minutes we held things even, Roland and debut top-of-the-diamond Alec holding the spine and allowing our forwards to create some real pressure, and man-of-the-match goalie Andy T anchoring the defence at the back. A well worked short and some skilful play saw Long Sutton get two balls in the net, but they certainly had to work for those points. We went into the second half down but unbroken.

In the second half, the opposition scored a few more goals. Really, though, what people will remember is such wonders as lemon Rob deciding to sprint forwards with the ball from a push-back in a heroic but short lived offense, ringer-from-the-4s Hemel's strong performance in wingback and centre back, and team legend Dave Monck moving forwards from his position as our rock steady, cannon-ball hitting sweeper to pirouette around defenders up front in a strong attempt at a goal to close out his South career. There was skill from Nev, decisive play from Sev, tricky little touches from Ahmed, danger created by Jordan and runs aplenty from Phil and Vincent.

The 5s finished the season as high up the table as they ever have under outgoing captain Rob's steady leadership. It was a victory in pretty much every sense that matters, and what no one can take away is that we all had a very lovely time.


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Andy Thomas
Player of the Match

Excellence in keeping. What a force!

Rob Barton
Lemon of the Match

Horrific centre pass. What a farce!