The Only Way Is Up: L6s Win Promotion!

Lou Walker

At the end of a very successful season, the L6s only needed to draw our final league game to guarantee second place in the league and promotion (Wisbech L3s having already claimed the championship spot). Of course we were eager to finish the season on a high with a win, and when coach Chris urged us ‘don’t play for the draw’ in the pre match chat, we didn’t need telling twice! Despite the opportunity for glory, and the promise of highly-rated match teas, the far-away, late pushback was a deterrent for many, and 12 of us made the trip, overcoming the typical Fenland obstacles of flood diversions and getting stuck behind tractors. We all owe a big thank you to Laurie for stepping in as our goalkeeper (collected en from Ely route, straight off the back of a key match with L4s) and making some great saves.

Shortly after the push back, Goal Queen Nicky struck in our first goal and we were 1-0 up. Pedzi made a welcome return to the team (moments before push back!) and had some great shots on goal, keeping up the pressure on Wisbech’s goalie and defenders.  A second goal from Nicky meant we were 2-nil up at half time and things were looking very good indeed.

Joint PoM Esther had another excellent game, using her pace and great positioning to drive up the wing and send balls into the D. Esther’s name may only have appeared on the score sheet once this season, but she has contributed so much to our overall goal tally. The other PoM was Sophie L, whose midfield positioning, interceptions and passes were excellent throughout the game. Honourable mentions went to Laura for amazing defending, Lou for lots of picks, and Sophie E for being generally awesome in midfield. Captain G was working hard as ever, always meeting the ball and being there for the pass. Sophie D had another great game at the back – this versatile player has stepped up to midfield when needed on a few occasions, but today was back in her favourite spot, channelling opponents away from our D.

Ruth did a few more of her lovely driving runs out of defence and all the way up the pitch. At one point everyone else (both teams) inexplicably seemed to stop moving, allowing Ruth to just keep going. A later run was rudely interrupted as she was tripped from behind, causing a spectacular fall. Ruth leapt straight back up again and was off with the ball, nothing keeps this woman down!

In the second half, Lou ran into the D and attempted a go at the goal, but missed and fell over instead - twice. That’s 3 lemons in a row now! At least this match report is a pleasure to write – did I mention already that we finished 2nd in the league and got PROMOTED! Compared to 8th last season this is a huge leap, and testament to our excellent captains Ruth and G, our amazing coach Chris, and the whole team who have worked so hard at training and become a strong and solid unit. Bring on Div 4, and watch out, L5s! 


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Esther Hatton
Player of the Match

Great runs and crosses

Sophie Leney
Player of the Match

Bossing everywhere on the pitch

Lou Walker
Lemon of the Match