L4 0-3 Huntingdon & Northstowe Ladies 1

Emily Stevenson

In what can only be described as a glorious display of hockey prowess, the L4s took to the astro in their final showdown of the season against Huntingdon & Northstowe L1s. With spirits as high as the British summer sun, our intrepid heroes were ready to dazzle the crowd with their unique brand of sporting expertise.

Despite the impending threat of a downpour that would have made Noah reconsider his ark-building skills, the L4s showcased an unexpected moment of brilliance during their warm-up session. Like synchronized swimmers in a sea of uncertainty, they moved with a grace and coordination that belied their usual antics on the field. Yet, as if by some miracle, the heavens held back their tears, allowing the game to commence without the added challenge of swimming through the astro.
The forwards, comprising Emily, Amelia, Naomi, and the perpetually stickless Alex, found themselves in a quagmire of misfortune as the game progressed. Despite their best efforts to breach the enemy lines and secure a goal for their beloved L4s, fate seemed determined to play a cruel joke on them. With possession predominantly lingering in the unfriendly confines of their own half, the forwards resembled stranded sailors, yearning for the distant shores of victory but finding themselves adrift in a sea of opposition defence.
The first half saw South valiantly defending their territory against the relentless onslaught of their opponents. Alas, despite their best efforts, the score resembled a particularly depressing stock market crash, with Hunters securing a comfortable 3-0 lead by halftime. It was a momentous occasion indeed, as the L4s managed to keep a clean sheet in the second half.
In the midst of the chaos, shining stars emerged from the murky depths of defeat. Laurie and Camille jointly managed to secure the coveted title of POM. Not to be outdone, Emily, Amelia, and Shree also received nods of recognition for their valiant efforts, though whether this was out of pity or genuine admiration remains a mystery.
But no tale of sporting misadventure would be complete without the ceremonial awarding of the Lemon of the Match. This dubious honour fell upon poor Alex, whose uncanny ability to lose her stick during substitutions would put even the most absent-minded toddler to shame. Accompanying her on the podium of shame were Naomi, Anne, Nicole, and Bex, who all contributed to the spectacle in their own unique ways.
Yet, in a plot twist worthy of a Shakespearean comedy, four LOM votes were inexplicably bestowed upon one of our noble umpires, Neil, for his audacious fashion choice of a see-through rain poncho. Whether this was an act of rebellion against the oppressive forces of sartorial conformity or simply a cry for help remains a topic of heated debate among spectators.
And so, as the final whistle blew and the players trudged off the field, with spirits (somewhat) intact, the L4s bid farewell to another season of triumphs, tribulations, and more than a few laughs along the way. For in the end, it's not about the scoreline or the accolades, but the memories forged in the crucible of competition – no matter how inept they may be.


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Laurie McKenzie-Rosselli
Player of the Match

Great hits and work rate in defence!

Camille Cantle
Player of the Match

Excellent pick ups and carries in the middle!

Alex Barker
Lemon of the Match

Hooking Naomi's stick when subbing on (again)!