The Final One

Harry Lusty

It was a sunny morning as the team counted down from 5? 7? (no one can keep up with Rosie’s logic). It was a tough game on an odd pitch – with many of the team carrying injuries. We pushed hard with the team working together but it was not quite connecting.

Rittman proceeded to drive into the D and score a goal with her knees which was promptly disallowed. St Neots rallied back with a scrappy goal that flew round the front of the goal for a while before it was tapped in.


Overall, it has been a good season for the 5s with a lot of improvement all round.

A big thank you to Chris, George, and George T for supporting us throughout the season.8th place and we are pretty proud.

POM – Kat Gibson for runs in the mid

LOM – Avi for forgetting her coat at the pitch


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Kat Gibson
Player of the Match

For great runs in the mid 

Avi Ibayan
Lemon of the Match

For forgetting her life at the pitch