Big Hannah's Big Day Out

  • Away at Bromsgrove, 4 hour round trip, big journey for big Hannah.
  • Chauffeured from her house to Jenny’s house, transferred to Jenny’s big car. Big luxury for big Hannah.
  • 4-0 down in the first half, big loss on the cards for big Hannah.
  • Big team talk from Tim (who commended himself at the end for it). Big inspiration for big Hannah.
  • Goals scored by South in the second half, one big goal for big Hannah.
  • 4-3 at final whistle, a big comeback for big Hannah (and the rest of the team, but, you know, match report themes).

Solid outing for the mixed team, shame we couldn’t get the final one over the line to take it to flicks, but coming back from 4-0 down at half time is a big ask, even for big Hannah.

For those concerned, Big Hannah is a mentality, not a thinly veiled insult.



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Sophie Dixon
Player of the Match

Unreal play in the middle… please don’t leave!

Scott Catley
Lemon of the Match

Left his shoes at home… trip to sports direct to pick up a new pair and missed the start