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Another blank week for the M6s meant another internal friendly. Hopefully it will keep everyone razor sharp for when we finally get to play a league game again...

Match report courtsey of Sandy Taylor:

The M6s were awarded our second walkover in as many weeks, good for league position but not a lot of playing time for a team that regularly has more than 16 players available. Captain Andy set out to instead get all those players together for a friendly, tentatively scoping out whether we had enough for an M7s team, although on the basis of just about scraping together about 21 people in total that might be a no for now. Credit to Andy for his efforts bringing this many together (Editor's note: only being able to put together a formation on the morning of the game), and thanks to those who doubled up or stretched their schedules to make the match happen.

With two teams in purple and yellow the first quarter of play started explosively with the purple team steaming ahead to a 5-0 advantage. Highlights included great play from all the juniors and recent-juniors, with special credit to young Ben Talmage whose enthusiasm led him to success in positions all over the pitch over the course of the game and earned him MoM - not bad for someone who apparently usually plays on goal. Ky also put in his successful candidacy for LoM via his pained consternation when hit by the ball.

A quick quarter break provided an opportunity to rebalance the teams slightly (further aided by the yellows starting to play with one extra player for...a while), leading to a tense half hour where play constantly flowed back and forth. The yellow team slowly clawed back a couple of goals but otherwise both teams struggled to score despite the lack of goalkeepers. Credit to the defense on both sides I guess, neither team was able to pick up much on any breakaways.

By the last quarter both teams were down to 10 players as some rushed off to other commitments, and feeling evenly-matched but tired. The yellow team managed to pick up a couple more goals but also conceded one on a short corner, leaving the score 6-4 to purple.

Players involved: Ash Krishnan, Alec Alston, Andy Thomas, Ben Talmage, Bertie Beeching, Charlie Curedale-Rayner, Dan Image-Flower, Dan Talmage, Gabriel Moore, Henry Greene, James Talmage, James Yu, Joe Hensman, Michael Collins, Sam Clark, Sandy Taylor, Sean Gardiner, Shahbaz Ali

(Author's note: I actually can't remember exactly how many goals each team scored in most of the quarters, hopefully this was a convincing and exciting fiction.)

(Editor's note: I can't actually remember who all the goal scorers were)