20 games, 20 wins, 113 goals scored, 1 great coach and a great group of girls.

We turned up to a very blustery St Neots at the crack of dawn ready to grab our final win to complete the perfect season. The game and weekend went as follows:

  • Hannah forgot most of her kit so had to play the game in her Benidorm vest, but she did remember to bring a jam sandwich.

  • Paul was gifted a blue WKD for his efforts.

  • Eimear deflected our first goal past the keeper early on to make it one-nil, then got a second in the second half.

  • Lucy made her return to the L2s and had a stormer.

  • Our defensive line of Ellie, H, Lucy, Jenny and Lauren held solid at the back to shut down any of St Neots’s breaks.

  • Lydia had a nice time spectating from her goal.

  • We went two-nil up after a goal from Dani A, who also scored goal number four.

  • Izzy scored goal three to put our goal difference up to +100, and also goal six.

  • H tried to take a sideline but the wind had other ideas.

  • Jess, Sarah, Dani KS and Rebecca had a lovely time in midfield battling the wind.

  • We headed off to Benidorm after the game.

  • We found out that Jenny didn’t know that 999 is the contact number for emergencies in the UK.

  • If you only sleep for three hours it feels like you have had a whole weekend in Benidorm.

  • All ten of us have made it back from Benidorm in one piece (ish) - ask Jess about her coach journey.

Overall, a great game and a fun trip to round off a fantastic season for the L2s.


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Paul Visagie
Man of the Match

Superstar coach.

Hannah Snow
Lemon of the Match

Forgot everything but her jam sandwich.