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Jan Brynjolffssen

Really the post-match curry was the centrepiece of this evening. However, that was weeks ago now and I can’t remember anything about it whilst I can recall a few things about the match prior. That was the one of the 2018-19 season, pitting South against a new opponent, City of York Hockey Club in the form of their Men’s Vets(ish) Touring side. Our side was also a Vets(ish) line up, with one or two enthusiastic youngsters (Rosselli, Shin) to add a sprinkling of pace.

The two teams gathered from their respective days for the early evening push-back, South coming from work, York rolling out from the pub. Any spectator watching the initial five minutes would have had it the other way as South were the side looking disorganised, York pushing us back. However once everyone settled, we took control, going two up through John Gourd and a typical poachers’ finishers/outright goalline theft by Mr. Barton. So that is how you get 300+ career goals!

As this put Umpire Steve felt we weren’t playing the role of hosts courteously enough and began giving penalty corners outside the circle that, well, let’s say they were somewhat harsh. From one of these York pulled a goal back when Jan, positioned behind ‘keeper Daz, kicked a shot heading well wide inside the post. D’Oh!

The pace of the game slowed rather after the break (and it was exactly frenetic before it!), in-keeping with the post-season friendly nature of the encounter. Mostly. Sean did let the Hulk out for a few seconds before calming down again. Goalmouth action continued as Shin puts up 3-1 up, York pulled one back, only for Pete to once again demonstrated his strikers instincts with a superbly timed reverse stick sweep of a through ball played from behind him. And to think we had him at full-back for most of the season…

Two up with five minutes to play, a win for the hosts looked likely. However York pushed more players forward, pulled one back and were then awarded a penalty corner just before the final whistle, sending their whole team up. Cue exchange between Mariano and Jan:-

M: “Mark that guy”

J: “Right-o”

Corner is taken, ‘that guy’ scores from a ridiculously tight angle with the last touch of the game.

J: “Ah, I see why we needed to mark him!”

M: “…”

And with that it was off to the Emperor and then Rajbelash for post match sustenance. During the curry, Shin was recruited as an honorary Yorkshire to play in York’s match at Bury the following day. How did that go, Shin, mate??


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