The Game of Many Events

Rhi Davies

As set by the Captain, the girls met at Long Road for 9.15am. Well, all except the skipper that was, who turned up late to her first match, putting her top of the LoM list (before even leaving Cambridge). South left Long Road, with Lousia’s car excited to hear their expert’s tourist guide of Bury and Culford School.

Arriving at the pitch, South were ready in their canary yellow kit ready to play their navy opponents.

EVENT 1: Bury in white, not navy.

South took to the pitch anyway, in the ever-growing heat of the day. Captain’s call completed, the girls were ready to start. Just before the whistle goes, Rhi counts the number of girls on the pitch… She counts twelve, counts again… Still counts twekve. Wait - one of them doesn’t have a stick. Wait - one of them is not an L3 player.

EVENT 2: The umpire is playing in yellow; confuses counting.

After a quick shirt change (by the umpire) the girls were off.

With some strong attacking and defensive play, it was shaping up to look like a very competitive match. Battling along the defensive left wing, Katie showed her strength during her debut performance, resulting in several very well deserved MoM nominations. South pressed hard, as practiced at training. With increased pressure from the forwards, South were awarded a short corner. Jess set herself at the top of the D ready for a big hit.

EVENT 3: Jess’s big hit takes down Bury’s captain.

As Kath offered her help, the rest of the team recouped from the heat and hid wherever they could find shade. As the girls resumed the heat was beginning to affect play and, in unfortunate circumstances, Lousie was subbed off.

EVENT 4: South now play with eleven outfield players; new NO KICKING BACK rule put into action.

South continued to fight. A ball cleared out of our half, helped on by Emily, found Jess at the top of the D, who calmly took the ball around the Bury keeper.

EVENT 5: South scored! 1-0.

The midfield continued to keep the attacks coming with Tabby skilfully working her way round the opposition, earning herself MoM. Unfortunately, Bury continued to drive as well and through a well dribbled ball down the pitch, although Bella fought hard – as she had all game – Bury managed to score.

EVENT 6: Bury scored: 1-1.

The game ended in a draw. The team headed to the cafe to debrief…well, all but the Captain who “vanished”, giving her a third reason for LoM, the second generated from her commando roll when tackling a player during the match.

The game was finished but Bella and Rhi were not out of danger: as they headed to the car a flying ball came over the wall, just missing the girls.

EVENT 7: Jenny (L2) squarial nearly takes out two other South players.


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Tabatha Broome
Man of the Match

Great defensive play on the wing & some generally ace turns around the Bury players.

Rhi Davies
Lemon of the Match

For mounting the curb when parking, falling and commando rolling on the floor (again), and her general disappearance at the end of the game.