Kim Cooil

Ten things that happened in our match…

  1. is for the amount of goals Alice, Katie and Kim scored each, and possibly the amount Kim will score all season.
  2. is for Izzy’s two quality goals; showing her perfect positioning and her composure in the D, Izzy was not satisfied with beating all the Uni players with her mad skills and also tried to take on Kev, and lost.
  3. is for the triangles that we created all over the pitch - passing so well out of crowded spaces, really working hard for each other.
  4. is for the amount of things Kim forgot; shirts, card reader, phone and, post-match, her stick.
  5. is for Flo - goals that it. Smashing two short corner straight strikes and three in open play!
  6. is for the amount of people who got voted for MoM showing just how well we worked as a team; votes for Kim, Han, Izzy with a three man tie going to Abi, Flo, and Katie.
  7. is the amount of minutes I laughed at Alice Wright for when Uni were trying to clarify who was playing centre-forward for their team and Alice kindly informed them that she was.
  8. is for K-8-e (Katie) who got whacked in the hand late in the first half, resulting in her claw hand. Just to note, it didn’t stop her doing her textbook move - the ‘hail Mary’.
  9. The amount of miles Abi put in on the pitch - super running earning herself one of the MoM awards.
  10. is for the ten goals we scored because we passed well, made the easy balls, put pressure on their team and generally just played for each other!


Jan Brynjolffssen 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Gotta love a listicle. But should it be "10 things we learned" as the intro?

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Abi Jewkes
Man of the Match

See match report: I’m guessing it was for mad commitment.

Flo Brimblecombe
Man of the Match

Five goals. Need we say more.

Katie Gibson
Man of the Match

Scored a goal and kept her cool? See match report for details.

Izzy Echenique
Lemon of the Match

Even though Kim lost her phone Izzy ended up getting Lemon. Full details see match report.