Game of Goals

Hannah Muncey

Apparently the day got off to a flying start with Rhi flying over speed bumps. The team flew on to the pitch with equal enthusiasm and were faced with strong, evenly matched opponents.

Both teams fought for possession and it looked like a tough match ahead. An early break was found, which led to one of the teams many short corners. Following a foot stop on the line from Rhi's shot, South were awarded a penalty flick. Jess ensured this attacking play was finished by hitting the backboards: the fans went wild!

From this moment onwards. with our spirits lifted and some excellent triangular play that Dave would be proud of, the team roared forward to further success. With seven goals from Jess, a finish from Evie and a last minute touch from Zara, the final score stood at nine-nil (three-nil at half time).

It was a fabulous effort from the entire team with some dynamic play up the pitch and superb defending / total wipe if it ever reached the back line. A lot of running was done by our wonderful newcomer, Kirsty, who deservedly won MoM for being everywhere for everyone. A truly enjoyable yet challenging match for all against a lovely opponent. (Oh, and another LoM for Rhi for speed bump and email issues!)


John Greaves 8 months ago

Well done L3s. And SEVEN goals for Jess not even getting MoM. Glad you had a fun game this weekend....

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Kirsty Dick
Man of the Match

Great tackles and supporting play everywhere

Rhi Davies
Lemon of the Match

Sending the team email to only herself, bouncing a speed bump and forgetting her stick