3 Games, 3 Wins, 3 Clean Sheets

Zara Bradley

The Fours are off to a cracking start this season and weren’t about to change. With a team of mostly forwards we were hoping for lots of goals.

With a slightly hazy memory, this is how I remember the game going…

South got off to a solid start with play mostly happening in Newmarket’s twenty-three. We were ready for a win and weren’t going to hold back. There were plenty of skilful passes amongst South but the ball just wasn’t going in the goal until Tess drove into the D, took a hit and the ball rocketed into the right hand corner of the goal before the keeper even had time to move. A good start for South as I encouraged the girls for an aspirational another nine goals (nothing wrong with aiming high).

Katy heard this and took fantastic note, with some driven runs down the pitch around Newmarket’s back line and straight to the goal often resulting in one-on-ones with the keeper. After one of these runs the ball hit the back of the net. A second goal for South! Only another eight to go… Unfortunately Newmarket seemed to think this applied to them, and stepped their game up in the second half. But South held strong, with no goals scored and a third clean sheet for the Ladies’ 4s.

MoM went to Katy for beautiful runs down the pitch, Liz for great distributive play and Zara for great captaining (and bringing wipes for post half time orange hands)

LoM went to Zara for still looking slightly green turning up on a very early Saturday morning after the night before.


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Zara Bradley
Man of the Match

Multi positional play- fab captaining

Liz Dunsby
Man of the Match

Fantastic play and distribution from the middle

Katy Leonard
Man of the Match

Fantastic runs up the pitch

Zara Bradley
Lemon of the Match

Bit green