15 Goals, 15 Players, 15 Facts

Izzy MacDonald-Parry

Had a very quiet game, did some singing in the goal, recited her GCSE drama monologues and did the splits. Was almost late; arrived kitted up. 10/10 for preparation.

Drove hard up the wings, displayed her pace and intercepted numerous attacks. Getting more prepared when asked what she’s going to do well today. Not Eimear.

Held solid at centre back and distributed like a dream. Had an occasional drive up the pitch when bored. Outdid herself with the shower mints - fresh on the inside and fresh on the outside.

Tackling and beating players left, right and centre. Won man of the match for her determination and confidence on the ball. Made a few sassy comments, very much enjoyed by the midfield.

Tackled, drove, created two-v-ones. Her usual solid self. Stole a goal off Izzy on the line - has been forgiven. MVAu - Most Valuable Australian.

Actually turned up on time. Said she was going to score a goal: didn’t. Played well despite this. No dramatic falls or needing to be carried off this week. Set up at least five of the goals. Birthday girl.

Had some beautiful triangles with Lauren. Delivered endless balls into the D. Loves a V-drag. Enjoyed aforementioned sassy comments from Charlotte. MVS - Most Valuable Scot.

Dani A
Played in midfield this week; scored two goals anyway. Caused problems for Haverhill’s mids. Also enjoyed aforementioned sassy comments from Charlotte.

Jess G
Debut in the 2s. Had a great time at sixer, distributed really well. Jessica Kate Green shares the same first names with Jessica Kate Woodhouse.

Part of the Rebecca/Lauren triangle beauty. Promised not to stop the ball on the reverse; did it anyway but it was sublime. Won man of the match.

Scored two goals, more than she has in the last three seasons. Distributed delightfully, worked hard all game. Dips in to cake baking every now and then. MVG - Most Valuable German.

Scored two goals. The second of which was run from just inside the half way line: selfishly did not pass the ball but beat about seven players and ran it in to the goal anyway. Was forgiven because she didn’t mess it up. Had a spectacular drag flick disallowed. Also caught the ball in an interesting fashion (upper thigh), earning Lemon.

Scored four goals! Great posting up and attitude. Offered great passes. Fabulous as ever. Great teacher of Irish dancing. Not Aoife.

Jess F
Scored two goals, offered great passes, made sure Louise got to the game on time. Didn’t fall over this week.

Scored two goals, both on her reverse from impossible angles. Drove the baseline like a pro. MVAm - Most Valuable American.

Bonus Fact - Paul, superstar coach. Gave up another Saturday to watch us, despite the threat of rain. At half time declared, ‘There’s not really anything I would change.’ 10/10 for motivational speeches.


Rob Barton 1 week, 6 days ago

Well done L2s! Are you and the L3s having some kind of internal who-can-thrash-the-opposition-the-most competition?

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Charlotte Wilson
Man of the Match

Great work rate, confidence, and distribution.

Lauren Coates
Man of the Match

Tackling and distributing left, right, and centre.

Izzy MacDonald-Parry
Lemon of the Match

Thighs of steel.