It’s a Long Way to Sharnbrook

Zara Bradley

The L4s travelled along many long and winding roads to get to the depths of East Anglia - Sharnbrook - many times questioning if we were even going the right way.

The game got off to a good start, with Huntingdon looking strong and defending well. They had multiple breaks through our forwards and mid-lines but all of which were stopped by our superstar defence. Our mids worked tirelessly in the middle, distributing well and ensuring strong movement and some lovely two-on-ones, working the ball around Huntingdons players. Our forwards did a fantastic job of scoring goals with Naomi, Laragh and Niamh all claiming one and Emily claiming two. A fantastic spread of goals coming from strong teamwork all the way down the pitch.


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Olivea Hay
Man of the Match

Fantastic defensive play

Laragh Harvey-Kelly
Man of the Match

Debut goal

Naomi Gibson
Lemon of the Match

Not sure why she got told off while everyone was left wondering how no cards were brought out