A Day At The Beach

Bhav Virdi

We have been playing so well in the past few months (haven't lost a game since October 2019). It was Tom Anns's 200th game [Ed - Tom's 200th game for the M2s, but his 205th overall for South], Jack Chalk's 301st game, all and all good times and then Captain Menzies said, "Guys, how about picnic at the beach? There is a new beach town in Fens and we should visit it! Heard a lot from Ash!"

So, 15 of us went off to a 1.30 hr drive where beautiful January sunshine greeted us at the beach. CSHC Ladies 1s were finishing off their party before us and explained how much they loved the sand. We were excited!

At the start of the picnic, Herbert chucked in a goal just 2 minutes after our arrival. What was he doing? Playing beach hockey!? Not safe at all! 1-0!

Rest of our picnic was busy building sand castles, playing beach frisbee, flying kites, playing volleyball.

Tom, Marchant, Mariano, Pete and Bhav were busy doing their thing at the back; some say they are good at skimming stones, some say they were doing their own thing but overall they had fun! I hear Menzies saying to Marchant and Bhav after 35 minutes - I don't want to see that ever again! Skim stones but away from the Green Guys!

Baggers, Ash, Menzzies, Panos in the middle of the beach controlled the Green Big Dog! Once he was in in control we had more fun! No one interrupted our BBQ Grill! Someone should take note of Ash's Volleyball skills, he can serve 50 meters!

We also had 3 fast runners and a teacher! The Herbert, Blair and Olli were running so fast on the beach with the ball, they could have injured the Senior Green Men! Not nice! After about 65 minutes, Jack had enough, he dug the ball at the end of the beach and said - go find it. The teacher knew how to control the party! No one found the ball for sometime!

The party was nearly over when someone from somewhere nearly made a mess of the picnic basket and poured water on our sandcastle, lucky for us Mike was there - he kicked the ball and the man away!

In the end - we award 3 points for organising a day out!


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