But this time it really will be a green card

Bella Muras

South met their opposition St Neots on a crisp January day, a home game for South which wasn’t really at home, but at one of the many other astro’s that Cambridge offers. South came manned with many subs, with most of the squad keen to play this week. After a rapid warm-up, the umpires signal for the start of the game, and we’re off with pushback from South. Some passing in the centre of the field and nice triangles to start with, South make their way slowly towards the St Neots 25. Play continues with interceptions made from each side, both teams keen to win the ball and put pressure on the team in possession of the ball. After a few sticks tackles the umpires are calling for both teams to calm with stick tackles and threaten green cards for the next offender.

The South striker Jas is dribbling the ball towards the St Neots D and in comes a stick tackle from a defender, the long corner is upgraded to a short corner based on the previous warning. The ball is injected by Phoebe and it’s a straight pass to Captain Rhi. The short corner is lost through some solid St Neots defending and a 16 must be taken. South are pressing high and keen to pick up the ball, they’re successful and in comes another accidental stick tackle from a St Neots defender. The long corner is upgraded to a short corner for the aforementioned stick tackle warnings. The short is taken but no luck this time. After some play both ways, South midfielder Dani secures South their first goal with a strike. Unfortunately, in quick succession Bella received her first card of the season after an overly excited stick tackle and sat the remaining couple of minutes of the half out.

It’s 1-0 at half time.

South determine to make more of their opportunities they start the second half strong with some great passing through the midfield to get into the oppositions D; South get another short corner. This time Captain Rhi means business and with a slap at the top of the D, raises the ball beautifully into the back of the net, it’s a goal!

The South defence is putting in a good shift and the ball doesn’t get through just yet, with possession returning to us. A pass from a defender to junior midfielder Tabby and she runs it up to the attacking D, passing to Anna who gets the final touch and a goal is scored. This happens again, this time with junior forward Jas getting the ball to the D and passing to Anna who claims the final touch from the left post. A few short corners later and with play all over the field, South manage to secure one more goal by Jas running it into the D and passing to Anna on the P spot who claims the final touch. It’s a 5-0 finish.


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Annabel Withington
Man of the Match

Ready and available to put away the great attacking play from the team

Bella Muras
Lemon of the Match

Green card confusion