A Game of Two Halves

Izzy MacDonald-Parry


  • What Rebecca described as a very serious team talk.
  • Warm up.
  • Tactical choosing of the far end of the pitch due to the sun.
  • Sam stole Paul’s bag.

1st Half

  • Strong; representative of our performance against Hertford the week before.
  • Great distribution from Nic and Ellie at centre back.
  • Good attacking of the wings from Grace, Aoife, Rebecca, Sam and Charlotte.
  • Jess W and Lauren held solid in the middle.
  • Strong shots on goal from Jess F, Eimear and Izzy, but Bedford’s keeper made some good saves.
  • We went one-nil up sometime mid-way through the half. Reverse goal under the keeper as she dived from Izzy, via Jess W.
  • Slightly too much passing to the opposition (we just like to let everyone play).

Half Time

  • Jelly babies.
  • Chat from Paul about aforementioned passing to the opposition. Encouraged to stop doing that as it isn’t very productive for our own game.

2nd Half

  • Not our best effort and Bedford stepped up their game.
  • Continued to pass to the opposition.
  • Jess W managed to give one of the Bedford players a piggy back.
  • Conceded a short in the final two minutes, which is how we drew with Bedford the last time we played them. Thankfully this was put wide.
  • Paul urged us to keep control, shut the game down and hold out for the win, which we managed.

Final Whistle

  • Paul happy.
  • Team happy.
  • Commended by the umpires on a very friendly game of hockey.
  • Very tired legs.

MoM - Jess W. Great running, intercepting, distributing and annoying of Bedford’s centre mid. Set up the goal.

LoM - Izzy. Delayed push back in the second half to announce to the pitch that I didn’t have my mouthguard in yet. Failed to concentrate for a sixteen and only realised the ball was coming to me when Sam shouted (received and gave a good pass I might add) and then subbed myself off in a strop after failing to do anything useful with the ball I had about three days of time on. Votes also for Sam for stealing Paul’s bag.


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Jess Woodhouse
Player of the Match

General shining star.

Izzy MacDonald-Parry
Lemon of the Match

Lack of mouthguard, lack of concentration, subbing herself off in a slight strop.