Poet's Corner

Dave Aston

South had a big game against Wapping,
Not far from the Westfield (great for shopping).
The lads were all scared,
The dads more prepared,
For who Harry Chalk would be dropping.

The excitement of playing on Pitch One,
It was going to be great fun.
But then Jan’s email: poo-poo,
We would be on Pitch Two,
With cold showers waiting when we were done.

We got there on time in the main,
Some coming by car, some by train.
South had the push back,
Bailey’s aerial launched the attack.
Would Wapping be able to us contain?

The first half was tight,
South were up for the fight.
At the back we had P,
So they couldn’t get to the D,
And everyone else did alright.

In the second half of the game
We had great chances (if only Aston could aim).
But then they got a short
And we got caught-
-out, but they did not us maim.

In the end South lost one-nil.
Could have been our game if we had the instinct to kill.
But our hopes do not dim,
One hundredth game for Jim,
And safety is in our hands still.

We went upstairs for teas,
Chips with Cornish pasties.
But none gluten free,
No, not for me,
Chris Watson they did not appease.


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