So Close!

Louise Walker

There’s always one player who turns up to Newmarket in yellow socks. This week it was Sophie. Luckily she was able to do a sock swap with Lou, who had offered to go in goal this week in order to free up one more outfield space on another very busy week. With our friendly match cancelled, several ladies unfortunately had to sit out again this week. We’re all grateful for your patience, and for Nic and Jan’s hard work in arranging friendlies for the coming weeks.

Newmarket 3s are probably the second strongest team in the league (after our own L4s) so a tough game was expected but the 5s were eager and confident following a run of great results. There was plenty of pressure from Newmarket in the first half. Goalie Lou and the defense were kept busy. Strong man-marking by Sarah, Annabel, Rebecca, Laura and Rosie kept the Newmarket attacking options limited, and Lou managed a few good saves. Rosie had an outstanding game at the back, with vital tackles and great sixteen hit-outs. Once again our enthusiastic captain Nicole was all over the midfield, with some great drives on the ball.

There was some great passing and movement up front from Bex and Anna but we were unlucky not to find the goal. There was a short lived moment of excitement in the first half when South though we had taken the lead from a short, but unfortunately the umpire spotted that the ball hadn’t left the D so no goal. However, 0-0 at half time was a good score, and everyone was feeling positive and confident. The second half began with more action for South’s attack than defense, and the prospect of a draw seemed possible.

Later in the second half Newmarket scrambled in a goal with determined following up after an initial save and, shortly after, sealed their lead with a short corner. It was another great team performance from the 5s, showing some good positioning and communication. Good positioning also proved useful at teas for some players, who managed to gain extra sausages by sitting next to vegetarian team mates. Laura won the Lemon vote for accidentally taking out Nicole.


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Louise Walker
Man of the Match

Laura Edge
Lemon of the Match