City M7s ....part 2

Sean Gardiner

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to Jamie and Jo from the 4s for playing for us. The first half was made up of two contrasting quarters with both teams evenly matched and end to end stuff until against the run of play, South took the lead with a debut goal from Tendayi. Unfortunately, we switched off after this and City scored two in two minutes.

Sean being Sean mouthed off about their players shoving our players by running into them and not being blown up for it, so he got a green card, only the second of the season so far……. so a record!

The second half started, and City scored another, but the rest of the half was very even, so I think 3-1 was a fair result for a home team that were a lot younger up front and in midfield than us.

Thank you to Jan for umpiring and to the M4s that came to watch. Lemon was Sean and the rest of the squad won man of the match, for an excellent all-round team performance. Lemon was very close because having been told to bring cash and you guessed it, Andy T brought only a credit card!


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The entire M6 team!
Man of the Match

For another sterling performance against a talented and youthful City team

Sean Gardiner
Lemon of the Match

Forgetting that he wasn't playing Nomads and getting a card!