Somewhere in Stortford

Andy Thomas

The South Mixed B (for Brilliant) team met on a Sunny day at a pitch in Stortford. At almost 39 degrees*, it was almost Mediterranean. However, with minutes to go until pushback - much to JayJay’s excitement - we were moved to a newer, shiner pitch across town.

Despite a somewhat chaotic start - without everyone** knowing their positions - the irregular team communicated really quite well. The game was characterised by great passes and good teamwork. Stortford showed some great individual skill and composure. Like the other fixture, the Long Road game between these sides was very evenly matched. In the end, however, South’s discipline really paid off, with four goals from different players: James Yarrow, Catley***, Avi Sharma and Andy T.

The match teas were good. However, the cake kindly brought in by Louise Gutteridge**** was better.

There was a reasonable spread of MoM votes, but Catley (quite fairly) won it, mostly on account of his goal. The author (quite unfairly) won a landslide LoM, on account of a hole forming in his pocket, causing him to lose both his car key and bank card on the pitch [Ed - don't blame the hole, it was more bemusement that they were in your pocket whilst you were playing in the first place!!].

*39 degrees Jan (Farenheit)
**The author, for example
***Adam Catley


Jan Brynjolffssen 6 months, 3 weeks ago

We probably should mention the spectacular goal scored by the Stortford forward, when she roofed it past Mikey. Best goal of the day, in either the 'A' or 'B' matches. Though Ads strike was a good solo effort and Jimbo's came from a really nice first time passing move that almost made it look like we had played together before. And then there was Rhi going into a challenge for the ball with three Stortford blokes, and leaving their bodies skittled behind her on the deck as she moved off with possession. Small, but mighty!

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Adam Catley
Man of the Match

First ever goal for South (30 minutes after Jimbo had done the same - favouritism!)

Andy Thomas
Lemon of the Match

Was handed a card by the Umpire. His credit card, which had fallen out of his pocket on to the pitch mid-game!