Walden friendly

George Toynton

It’s the first game ever for the newly formed B team, which shows how well the club is doing, Tara and I are both aiming to make the side as fun, inclusive and enjoyable as possible. Jan has done an amazing job to find us our 1st opposition. A club that has specifically asked for a B team to play against, the perfect opponents.

We had to wait a very long time for our first game because of cov19 it felt like the game was damned to never happen, and finally on the day of the fixture I was woken up with the Walden captain ringing me and telling me that all of their fixtures had been called off because of frozen pitches. So I desperately phoned the umpires to make sure the game was a goer.

Upon arriving at the pitch I was greeted by thick fog , and the familiar faces of my old club but something wasn’t right. Walden who had asked to play a B team have brought a very very strong team packed with national league players, prem players, and division 1 players with a small splatter of the lower level player. This had me and fellow ex Walden player Adam worried. But Jimbo wasn’t worried at all, he was looking forward to it! Little did he know...

Key highlights of the game

  • Christmas jumpers are not a good idea
  • Scott Catley is very good with a camera
  • Andi Caddy just loves watching hockey (Correction he only likes watching South games – Ed)
  • Haribo is a always a crowd pleaser
  • Guy Wilson has spare shin pads
  • Izzy makes a great ambulance driver
  • Lou Walker loves the unusual tone of the whistle
  • Jo Dant was solid and made some great saves.
  • Ginny Ashcroft doesn’t like a cold Sunday morning
  • Jimbo Yarrow puts his body on the line
  • Adam Catley really wants a goal this season
  • Sophie Hodgkinson really showed how great the youngsters in the club really are
  • Tom South still needs to buy a club top even after years of being around the club
  • Jimmy Wood is crazy fast
  • Joe Whittaker can become a makeshift CB
  • Emily Stevenson makes a great accountant, and likes Scott’s hockey photos
  • Tess Skyrme made the biggest impact in the game with the goal
  • Tara Fenttiman, is crazy enough to co captain with me
  • Bella Muras doesn’t approve of my unusual tackling
  • Jim Hall just wants to play hockey every day
  • Jan loves to re-organize hockey matches over and over

Hopefully we will get more fixtures and more players involved happy Christmas


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Jimbo Yarrow
Player of the Match

Inspired his team from a&e