John Greaves

Following the timid withdrawal of opposition teams from their decade-opening friendly fixtures versus Cambridge South’s finest, twenty-three of the dedicated players from the elite L5, M5 and M6 squads plus a couple of interlopers from higher echelons assembled to work off the effects of festive indulgence. Two mixed teams were picked, and Sean Gardiner’s Superstars eventually emerged victorious against Greaves’s Gang, seven-six.

A fun time was had by all with open, passing hockey rewarded by a goal fest. Sean’s scorers were Simon Jelley (4), James Yu, Nev Warren, Lucy(?). Greaves’s Gang netted through John Greaves(5), and Simon Ta

Thank you to umpires Jack Chalk and Jo Dant - who adopted a revolutionary seated position to perform his duties in recognition of his reduced quota of functioning legs.


Rob Barton 7 months, 1 week ago

Congrats on the handful, John, though it sounds to me like double jug avoidance? :-)

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