This is not a placeholder report

Rob Barton


Not a placeholder report.


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Unlike last week's report this isn't a placeholder ... but only just.
It's more an executive summary:
  • Pre-match warmup, meeting and hand gels all round.
  • Nev arriving at 3:06pm signalled the start of the game.
  • Tight game, we battled throughout and played well in parts.
  • Bury were organised and strong especially in the middle.
  • They went ahead after scoring a goal.
  • We equalised with a Dave Monck sonic boom swept home from a short.
  • Half-time, they had perhaps edged the first period, but not by much.
  • Wise words from James, lots of other words from everyone else, off we go again.
  • They went ahead again after scoring another goal.
  • The extended their lead after scoring another goal.
  • Rob pulled one back reacting to a save from a JJ short-corner drag.
  • They scored their fourth and the game's final goal.
  • Sorry I can’t detail any of their goals, stuff in our half tends to be dull.
  • We matched a decent side.
  • James received a green for a committed tackle whilst on the ground.
  • Josh received a green for something confusion on the far side.
  • Both our greens were slightly harsh but justifiable, no complaints.
  • A Bury player notched up a green card too.
  • Though both sides did compete the game was really played in a nice spirit throughout.
  • And actually the umpiring was solid and communications from the umpires top drawer.
  • With that we have one more friendly next week against Newmarket.
  • I am confident we’ll be ready for the league after that. Bring it on!
  • Good luck to our Suffolk friends, see you again for another round of friendlies.
  • We hope the Bury player who took a knock in the following M5s game is OK.


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