Last minute is the best

George Toynton

Basically to summarize the 4s had they game cancelled. But I found out my old club had an opponent bail on them as well!! So I put 1 and 1 together and phoned Jan to help with the maths! Jan put the plan together, so a massive thanks to Jan!!! I went to the pub to celebrate with the Walden club captain.

But with the plans for the weekend up in the air earlier in the week the club had number of weird doubles up. Me, Jimmy, Joe and Seb manage to get more then on game. Myself finding a game out on pitch. I didn’t realize how large it was and just how much running was involved. But loved it all the same!

The game it’s self was a good Contest. Saffron Walden managed to get a team from their 5-6-7s together and turn up in a huge numbers allowing them to sub the whole team in one hit. But us South boys didn’t fear a thing. Because we had a secret weapon; turns out it was me, a goalie playing outfield. Jesus!! [ed - I don't believe you are, George...]

The only reason I got a game at all was because JJ couldn’t get his car to start.

The 4s probably had the best lineup I have ever seen (not including myself), they were a good mix of experience and pace, the team carried a real threat from its front line.

Now I’m not the best with remembering things, I can’t really remember too much of the game but the noteworthy things I can remember are all goals came from short corners [ed - apart from the ones which didn't that George goes on to describe below], which doesn’t do justice to the game as it was a very offensive match from both teams.

I got a green card for kicking a ball away. Apparently I shouldn’t have done this. James Hayes got a card from taking a player out brutally, apparently he shouldn’t have done that, either [the skipper adds - very much deserved to get a card]. Nev missed about 3 open goals at the back post, apparently this never happens.

Mikey had a great game in goal, apparently this is normal.

Jimmy scored a hattrick of goals, apparently the 3rd was a brilliant turn past one defender, turned on the afterburners to get past the second, slipped it to Nev who returned it to Jimmy to finish. Wonder goal!

Joe scored a single goal, apparently took it around 3 defenders and took it onto his reverse to firmly plant it the the roof of the net to the amazement of the crowd (that was gathered compliantly outside of the fence due to covid). [ed - as is typical of the telling of all goals scored by Joe. He never gets a tap in from half-a-metre out...]

Jamie got in on the act too apparently with a mid-air reverse shot after the keeper saved twice.

I really really believe this 4th team will be a serious force when it comes to the league and hopefully they will win it.


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George Toynton
Player of the Match

Last minute game organisation showing he does know what he's doing.

George Toynton
Lemon of the Match

Booting the ball away after committing a foul and getting a (deserved) green card.