M6 3-3 St Ives Mens 5

Cambridge South Men's 6ths first home game of the season was versus St Ives 5. The score was 3:3, with St Ives scoring two goals in the first 10-minutes. St Ives number 18 was really challenging our defence. Going solo, he scored 2 of their 3 goals.

It seemed hopeless, but there was one man who took on number 18 and his name was Howard. Every Men's 6th player remembers that nothing gets past Howard.

We made a promising comeback thanks to goals from Nick, James and Andy. Andy tried out his new tornado technique with the ball rebounding off his strong side to then whizz round his right ear and score top left. [ed - wow, that sounds spectacular!]


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Andy Thomas
Player of the Match

for his hockey equivalent of a Panenka goal and executing the hockey equivalent of a Cruyff turn

Andy Thomas
Lemon of the Match

Andy for the Panenka goal and daring to win MoM