M6 1-7 Bury St Edmunds Mens 6

Wilco Dijkstra

The M6's 2nd friendly took place early morning in bright and sunny Culford. South came with a bare 11, some still sore from a P&P session just 12 hours before. The opposition kindly lent us 2 of their players to even out the teams. In terms of number of players, that is.

Much of the first half was spent inside our half of the pitch due to the well-oiled Bury team putting the pressure on from the start, intercepting our passes and frequently invading our D. The defence held out well, with our goalie saving many shots, including hard reverse stick shots aimed at top corners, and only letting in 2 goals before halftime.

While we kept fighting hard, improved our passes and pushed up more in the 2nd half, several young Bury players outpaced the now tired midfield and defence, and just kept scoring. Substituting most of the midfield into defence didn't help either. Eventually South broke through, got a short awarded, and we scored our first goal. Or rather one of the guesting Bury players did! Overall it was a good and friendly match.


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Jo Dant
Player of the Match

Many great saves, preventing a much worse outcome

Andy Thomas
Lemon of the Match

Turning up perfectly on time after saying he was going to be very late