Car Tetris (and a hockey match)

Rebecca Frith


  • Sam eventually worked out that the match was at 15:15 and not 10:00
  • We all tried out our off-roading skills in the St Catz carpark
  • Teamwork skills were practiced with a friendly game of car-Tetris
  • Sam conveniently volunteered to put her car at the bottom of the car Jenga pile despite needing to leave early – and I’m Lemon?!
  • Rhi brought her dogs and they’re adorable
  • The usual St Catz debates were had of whether to walk miles away for a loo, go in a bush or hold it
  • Eventually we were ready to play

First Half:

  • South started strong and looked superb – lovely triangle passing and driving hard at the D
  • 1-0: First goal came early, a Frith assist to a Foord smack-it-in
  • Switching around through the midfield was lovely with some beautiful transfers through Jenny, Sarah and Lauren
  • Caitlin was given a warning to get 5 (again)
  • Hattrick Captain extra-ordinaire, Dani Arnold, scored another 2 fantastic goals
  • 2-0: Deflection off a defender
  • 3-0: Reverse tap around the goalie


  • Pretty pleased with ourselves at this point
  • We decided to work on using the wings and movement off the ball

Second half:

  • This time play was very much held in the Ely half of the pitch
  • But it wasn’t quite raining goals this half
  • However, we all agreed our communication was some of the best ever which meant the press was rock solid!
  • Eventually Captain Dani put one in the net
  • 4-0:Jenny to Jess to Dani to slap it in
  • Half-backs Aoife and Grace made some great runs up the right and onto the baseline
  • A few short corners were had but were hunted down fast by the speedy Ely runner
  • At one point, lovely and friendly opposition Ely, admitted there should be a short when the umpire had called a long
  • I was so distracted by this I picked up the ball – naughty me
  • Contamination hazard dealt with and lemon justly awarded, play continued
  • 4-1:Sadly, in the last 10 minutes Ely made a break and snuck a one touch deflection past the South keeper
  • Nevertheless, South came out on top with another strong win – well done girls!


  • Player of the Match: Lauren for a great game and amazing runs as sweeper
  • Votes for:
    • Aoife – solid tackling and great drives up the line
    • Grace – usual reliable self
    • Dani – for the hat trick
    • Sarah – great job attacking and movement off the ball
    • Caitlin – great work on the left

Thank you to all the support on the sidelines and to Harry L for taking pictures.


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Lauren Coates
Player of the Match

Great game and amazing runs as sweeper

Rebecca Frith
Lemon of the Match

Picking up the ball