L4 3-2 Cambridge Nomads Ladies 2

Ginny Ashcroft

They say your true self is always shown after a few drinks, the same can be said for a hockey player in a match...

The day started well, no rain, cheery faces, inside knowledge from former nomads player Hannah, a full squad and nearly everyone on time, even Laurie who had, like a champion, got out of Wales just less than an hour before they locked down and journeyed from Bristol at 6am to fulfill the ever consistent backline.

To set the tone for this match report we will first ponder as to whether the pressure of playing against another Cambridge team brought out a not so clean way of playing for one of the Cambridge sides... who knows.

With this in mind, South started slightly frantically, unsure how the game would go as we faced yet another team we'd never played against whilst knowing they were sitting 1 above us in the league. However, we rose to the occasion passing, driving and not getting too agitated when being shoved. Ours mids Tara, Bethan, Louisa and Sophie worked tirelessly to set up and get the ball in the d for the attackers, eventually coming to fruition with a lovely work around and tap in by Anna.

Compared to last week shorts were few and far between, giving our defenders a chance to actually get the ball past the 23 line. A run saw our faithful captain drive the ball to the baseline, you could see her thinking 'wow this feels like something from a drill we've done with Izzy...what's the next part?' and within seconds Emily remembered and sent the ball to the p spot where vice Tess had had the same thought, receiving the ball Tess thought 'i know this one, I hope coach Izzy is watching' and as though by magic she hit it into the back of the net. Safe in the knowledge she'd be top of the class for another week. Textbook hockey girls, hats off.

At some point in the first half Nomads got a goal. Well done.

Half time talk included not just offloading the ball as soon as we received it.

The second half went much like the first half, our backline unfortunately didn't execute a sideline switch as well as we had done before, resulting in a break from a quick nomads forward giving, a you guessed it goal to them.

We looked around in confusion, it felt like déjà vu, surely we weren't going to draw 2-2 again...surely?

At this point lemon of the match was swiftly won, as I, frustrated with the 'great' play by our opponents, pressured their forward in the D, somehow hooked their stick, and rather than let go took it out the players hand lobbed off the pitch before lobbing my own stick on the floor, much like a spoilt toddler, I then proceeded to leave the pitch with the aim of returning to my actual more grown up, mature age of 26.

Anyway the 6th sense in our captain and vice sensed the frustration from the whole team and fortunately an attacking short presented itself giving vice Tess the perfect opportunity to get one over on the northern Cambridge squad... again straight from the textbook, injector Soph sent a strong accurate ball to Tess who then sent it straight into the back of the goal.

Victory we were 3-2 up with less than 5 minutes to go, Nomads turned over the play and rightly so goalie Bryony called for every South player to defend and keep possession, we weren't walking off the pitch with another draw. And hold them we did, working as a team to mark every single one of them, stepping in front of the ball, driving them to the wings and keeping the pressure on whenever they got the ball.

And just like that another game was over and we were the winners of this Cambridge meeting, onwards and upwards, literally up the league table for another week.


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Tess Skyrme
Player of the Match

Brilliant goals

Ginny Ashcroft
Lemon of the Match

She may have lost her cool just a little at some point